Welcome to WeekendWorker Ceramics Studio! Our courses and workshops are tailored to fit anyone from the casual hobbyist to those interested in mastering the craft. So whenever you’re ready, we'll see you then!

June Holidays Ceramic Workshop for Kids! 🎨

Join us this June for our exciting Holiday Ceramic Workshops for Kids! Perfect for young, budding artists, these workshops offer a fun and hands-on introduction to the world of ceramics. Kids will learn to shape, mold, and decorate their own pottery pieces under the guidance of our friendly and experienced instructors. It's a fantastic opportunity for children to explore their creativity, develop new skills, and make lasting memories.

Still hovering on 'maybe'? We've got just the thing for you.

Try your hand at the craft with one of our one-time experiential workshops.
If you like what you see (and feel), We have a range of course offerings from hand building to wheel throwing and other workshops ready for you to dive into.

Handmade ceramic products for your everyday needs.

Shop our very own range of specially curated WeekendWorker products hand made by the people behind the studio.

Seriously serious?

Ready to master your craft and hone your wheel throwing or handbuilding techniques? Our 4-session courses will provide you with the knowledge for various wheel throwing techniques, as well as using creative approaches to alter and combine different elements to modify objects.

  • 4-Session Basic Wheel Throwing Course

4-Session Basic Wheel Throwing Course

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For an off-the-wheel hands-on experience.

No wheel, no worries!
Share, build and paint a pair of unique cups with our hand building courses or workshops.

  • 4-Session Basic Handbuilding Course

4-Session Basic Handbuilding Course

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