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Open Studio Packages

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From June 2024

Open Studio Packages

(10am to 6pm)
Day Pass - $60
Hourly Day Pass - $8/hr
10-Day Pass - $400

(6pm to 10pm)
Night Pass - $50

*Plan your schedule before booking to avoid repeated cancellations*

10-Day pass to be used within 30 days 
(Roll-overs are based on availability and discretion of the studio)

Does not include materials and firing.
The studio offers Cone-6 Stoneware and Porcelain for purchase.
Firing (bisque and glaze) is offered at a separate charge.
Please leave your email and contact number so we can reach out to you! :)

Choose your studio package:
Limited availability

1 x Locker
1 x Shelf rack
Use of shared damp box
Shared tools (Ceramic tools, hand towels, apron and buckets) will be available for use.

An open studio guide will be emailed to you upon completion of purchase, be sure to read it.

Be responsible for your own time. The Studio will not refund any unused hours (roll-overs are at the discretion of the studio)

Be respectful of others in the studio, avoid actions that might interfere with their process

Do not attend your session if you are unwell (Roll-over Arrangements can be discussed)

The Studio will not be responsible for any damage to personal belongings not stored in allocated spaces

Operate equipment and tools safely. Be aware of your surroundings.

Refrain from any actions that might injure yourself or those around you.

If you think it’s wrong. It is. Don’t do it.

CCTV will be installed in the studio - Footage will not be stored or released outside of any investigations.