Contrary to our brand name, we are not a studio running 24/7, 365.

We are a team of creatives nestled in the hustle of the 9 to “whenever you’re done” culture who believes in finding time away from the digital world on the weekends through ceramics making.


    1.  Vision

    2. Wheel Throwing Classes

    3. Workshops - Coming Soon

  • Hand Building

  • Introduction to Wheel

    4. Shop - Coming Soon
    5. Works - Coming Soon



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Basic Wheel Throwing Classes

When there’s a Wheel, there’s a way. Learn the ropes of Wheel Throwing pottery from preparation to presentation in this 5-lesson course, participants will learn compression techniques, hand positionings, trimming and the basics of glaze application. Participants will also be taught how to troubleshoot and overcome obstacles along the way, developing individual proficiency in the craft.

Each participant will take home an average of 9-12 pcs of their own creations*

Price: $400 per pax  (Inclusive of materials and access to our tools)
(Total 5 slots only)

Saturday or Sunday - 3pm to 6pm